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Removable Benches

Removable Benches as known as rolling top bench
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Removable Benches

Removable Benches as known as rolling top bench Standard size is 2.5m×1.65m×0.75m﹙L×W×H), customization is also acceptable according to requirement, Aperture of bench is 130 mm × 30 mm (L × W),The position of seedbed could be fine-tuned by hand-wheel. 

1, manual drive, ease operation and movement. Bench border for the aluminum alloy, The Surface treatment of steel pipe bracket portion and bench top mesh are hot-dipped galvanizing ,particularly suitable for hot and humid environment greenhouse.
2, The range of Trimming is 300mm, The utilize of greenhouse area is upon 80%.
3, Anti-tilt device prevent the problem of inclination caused by emphasis.
Rolling top bench configuration instructions:
The amounts of movable Greenhouse seedbed based on the actual production of greenhouse or nursery area 
The life of mobile seedbed
The life of Textile Network part is 20 years, other structures for 10 years.
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